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RSS, SEO & The PR Microsite

12:10 am in Link Building, Social Media by Will Fleiss

Aggregating content onto a microsite via RSS is becoming an increasingly popular strategy among PR marketers in the digital space.  Government and non-profit clients have loads of informational content that, if repurposed in an user-friendly manner, can become an effective tool for communicating on the Web.  RSS allows marketers to present this information in a “snackable“ fashion that is appealing to internet users constantly being bombarded with information.  Because of this new strategy, PR marketers need to become smart about the search engine optimization implications of RSS.  RSS and SEO are attached at the hip because of the fresh content and frequent linking intrinsic to syndication.  RSS feeds, however, can become significant search engine visibility assets if utilized in the right way.  Entire link building strategies can and should be built around the submitting of RSS feeds to RSS directories, as well as creating opportunities for your feed to be aggregated on third party sites.  Stephan Spencer gave a great lecture at last years Search Engine Strategies, called RSS and SEO: Implications for Search Marketers.  This is a great place to start learning… 

The Search: John Battelle Bursts My Bubble

9:06 pm in Other Search Stuff by Will Fleiss

The Search by John BattelleI’m only a few pages into The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture, by John Battelle, and already my world has been turned upside down. Read the following two sentences and tell me your not just a little disappointed:

“It’s seductive to think of crawlers as tiny little robots wandering the vast halls of cyperspace, but the truth is a bit more mundane. Crawlers are in fact homebodies, siting on their own servers and sending out vast numbers of requests to pages on the Internet, much as your browser does.”

On some level I think I always new this, but to not think of search engine spiders as actually crawling from link to link, well…that’s just no fun. Ultimately its important to understand how pages are actually indexed, but I think I’ll always envision Googlebots with 8 little legs, and explain to my clients that search engine spiders crawl the Web drinking link juice and eating good content… How do you explain the inter workings of search engines to the novice client?

Corporate Blogging: Meatball Sundae or Sweet Potato Pie?

4:27 pm in Social Media by Will Fleiss

A Meatball Sundae, coined by Seth Godin, is “the unfortunate result of mixing two good ideas.”  Meatballs and Sundae are delicious by themselves, but the combination is simply repulsive.  For describing the opposite, the fortune result of mixing two good ideas, it would be easy enough to use an analogy like “bread and butter” or “spaghetti and meatball”, but in an attempt to stick with the entre / dessert combo, I think Sweet Potato Pie is perfect.  I digress….

The point is, a corporate blog, by definition, is a Meatball Sundae.  If a corporation decides to add a blog to their website, and everything about the blog remains “corporate” (aka: stiff, commercial, hierarchical, one sided, careful) the outcome will most definitely be unfortunate.  On the other hand, if they decide to embrace the blogging culture of creativity, spontaneity, truthfulness and two-way communication, than a Sweet Potato Pie will result.

My recommendation to any corporation creating a blog on their website: Use the WordPress platform ( By using WordPress instead of simply making your blog an extension of your current site you will be off to a great start in regards to embracing the look and feel of what a blog should be.  There is also tons of great search engine and social media optimization benefits of using the WordPress software.  Whether you cook up a Meatball Sundae or Sweet Potato Pie from there is up to you…

Socialize Your WordPress Blog in 5 Easy Steps

3:35 pm in Link Building, Social Media by Will Fleiss

I finally found an EASY way to add the social bookmarking buttons to my blog posts.  Of course I am weary of overdoing it, but I’ve been trying to find an easy way to “socialize” my blog for some time, so I’m doing it!  Your on your way to Social Media Optimization bliss in just 5 steps:

  1. Download Sociable 2.0 here:
  2. Unzip the files to your computer
  3. Using FileZilla (or another FTP server) upload the social folder (not just files in it) to the wp-content/plugins folder of your blog
  4. Go to your WordPress Admin and activate the plugin on the Plugins page
  5. Go to Options and choose which social buttons you want and how you want them presented

 You get to choose from the following 61 sites (but be tactful!):

blinkbits, BlinkList, BlogMemes, blogmarks, co.mments, connotea,,, digg, DZone, Fark, feedmelinks, Furl, Fleck, Gwar, Hemidemi, IndiaGram, IndianPad,, LinkaGoGo, Linkter, Ma.gnolia, MisterWong, MyShare, My-Tuts, NewsVine, Netscape, Netvouz, PopCurrent, ppnow, RawSugar, Rec6, Reddit, scuttle, Shadows, Simpy, Slashdot, Smarking, Spurl, SphereIt, StumbleUpon, Taggly, Technorati, TailRank, Webride, Wists, Wykop, and YahooMyWeb.

My favorite 7 are in bold.  Which one’s do you like?