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ARUP publishes report on the application of the Organic Response lighting control system to the UK commercial buildings market.

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An analysis carried out by ARUP three years ago in Australia found that with Organic Response a commercial building was able to achieve energy savings of over 55% and was eligible for maximum Green Star rating.

Last month, ARUP UK published another, more in depth analysis of Organic Response’s (OR) generation 2 product, this time with respect to the UK lighting control market.

The report is incredibly detailed, and covers relevant areas of energy efficiency, occupancy comfort, simplicity and the regulatory drivers amongst other measures. The report also includes a comparative summary of incumbent and other emerging technologies and looks at the OR system features and analyses them in relation to their applicability for the UK commercial lighting market.

To Download Contents And Executive Summary CLICK HERE 

To Request A Copy Of The Full Report CLICK HERE

Report highlights include

  • The system showed itself to excel in simplicity of specification, design, installation and commissioning; as well as flexibility, scalability and lighting control performance.
  • The report details how Organic Response achieves or exceeds in its ability to address and provide compliance to today’s regulatory measures and demanding energy codes, including Building Regulations Part L-specifically L2A, British Council of Offices and BREEAM, specifically Heo01 Lighting Zoning in Commercial Offices and Innovation Credit Eno01 Reduction of Energy Use and Carbon Emission, where use of the OR system allows for the max number of credits. 
  • Attention is also drawn to Organic Response’s first of its kind lighting technology, that uses autonomous algorithms in the form of distributed intelligence, to turn buildings into collaborative and more human-centric energy efficient ecosystems.
  • Simplicity is a key focus, where control of the system is put back in the hands of the users. The system can be installed by an electrician without additional training, without prior lighting design scope, and can take just 30 mins to optimise.

Organic Response is fully commercialised in the UK and Europe, available from partners E.ON, Havells Sylvania, Interlight, Fagerhult and Whitecroft.  

To Download Contents And Executive Summary CLICK HERE 

To Request A Copy Of The Full Report CLICK HERE


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