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Organic Response Portal Launch for Strategic Partners

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Organic Response officially launched its Organic Response Portal, a simple yet powerful cloud-based data analytics and lighting control platform, which allows remote monitoring and control of lighting assets as well as visibility into occupancy data, enabling ongoing workplace efficiency improvements and savings, to its strategic partners in Melbourne, Victoria.

Organic Response Portal sits in the intersection of Smart Lighting and Smart Buildings and, is a natural extension to our highly successful lighting control product. While the Organic Response sensor nodes enable collection of immense amount of building data, the Portal is the highly secure, cloud-based platform for analysis and representation of this data to derive actionable insights resulting in savings and resource optimisation.

During the launch, we provided a sneak preview of the portal, its key features, applications and benefits to large enterprises such as AGL Energy. Some of the sessions are featured below –

Intersection of Smart Lighting & Smart Building

Organic Response Portal: Key Features

Bluetooth: Today & Tomorrow

Creating a Workplace for the Future

Audience Queries & Answers

To learn more about the Organic Response Portal, view the brochure or write to us at

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