Commercial Sites

Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Project Size : 60,000 sqm

No of Sensor Nodes : 13,000


Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, this new teaching hospital boasts highly trained specialised staff, equipment and services able to safely care for patients while also serving as a training facility  and operating significant health and medical research programs.

The facility has a total floor area of 165,000 sqm, of which approximately 60,000 sqm of lighting will be controlled by Organic Response.  Eagle Lighting Australia have supplied Organic Response enabled luminaires for corridors, nurse bases, offices, open plan spaces and reception areas.

The builder is Lend Lease, and the consulting engineer is Aurecon.

  • SCUH

South East Water HQ, Frankston VIC

Project Size : 12,000 sqm

No of Sensor Nodes : 2,500


Located in the heart of Frankston, this exciting new build project designed by internationally recognized Architects, BVN Donovan Hill, comprises approximately 20,000m2 of floor area, 12,000m2 of which is office space with the rest comprising car park and retail. The sustainability-focused design that targets a 5 Star Green Star energy rating includes a number of innovative design features of which the inclusion of Organic Response enabled lighting is one.

The building design includes an ‘exposed services’ solution in all office areas. This means that all air conditioning ductwork, electrical reticulation systems, pipe work, sprinklers etc is visible to occupants. The lighting design in the open plan office areas includes a range of different fittings, including linear LED troffers surface mounted to the underside of cable trays to provide downward light to the space, and separate LED micro strips mounted on top of the cable trays to provide an uplighting component. Suspended cylindrical LED luminaires supplement the lighting at the perimeter.

Working alongside Consulting Engineers Umow Lai, Organic Response developed a fully integrated solution that controls all luminaires within the open plan office space. The design requires the downward light to be controlled separately from the upward light, hence two Sensor Nodes have been incorporated into each surface mounted LED fitting. One Sensor Node controls the fitting in which it is mounted while the second controls the adjacent upward facing fitting. The resulting solution allows the downward and upward lighting components to work together in maintaining optimal light levels in response to presence detection and ambient light.

  • South East Water 2


No of Sensor Nodes : 3,000

Project Size : 19,000 sqm


“Located at the heart of Melbourne and above the city’s largest transit terminal, the 699 Bourke Street development, is a 12 storey office building that occupies the northern end of the deck, with frontage to the Bourke Street Bridge. The building will offer over 19,000 square meters of A-grade office space with premium services.

The new home of AGL Energy, the project is proudly committed to a 5-Star NABERS rating and targeting a 6-Star Green Star rating.  Organic Response is proud to be a key technology which is assisting both Mirvac and AGL achieve their operational and sustainability goals.”


  • AGL 699 Bourke


No of Sensor Nodes : 960


DTZ Beyond Green and big four bank NAB have collaborated to deliver the largest Organic Response-enabled installation in the Sydney market at the NAB office at Rhodes Business Park. The intelligent LED fittings, manufactured by Eagle lighting and installed by Skyview FM, represent a significant performance increase in lighting quality and control from the fluorescent fittings installed previously.

Most notably, the project has also broken records for the speed of deployment: from order placement to project completion took only 6 weeks in a fully operational office. This could only be achievable through the autonomous control architecture of Organic Response and represents a step-change in delivering sophisticated lighting controls.


  • NAB Rhodes

Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW

No of Sensor Nodes : 500


Located close to the boarder of New South Wales and Queensland, the new Southern Cross University library utilises some 1500m of dimmable LED extrusions. The Organic Response Sensor Nodes have been integrated into the extrusion at suitable distances, providing a seamless unobtrusive installation. In some cases black Sensor Nodes have been used to control pendent luminaires. The black finish ensures the Nodes are virtually invisible when viewed against the black ceiling.

Optimisation of the all three levels was carried out in a little over 3 hours, with daylight harvesting enabled closest to the window (but not enabled in between book shelves). Corridors were dimmed to provide a lower level of lighting whilst maintaining peak illumination for book shelves.


  • Southern Cross Install

Wellington Shire, Gippsland Victoria

No of Sensor Nodes : 450


Located just over two hours east of Melbourne, Wellington Shire in the heart of Gippsland is the third largest municipality in Victoria. Wellinton Shire Council have constructed a new office building to house all staff under one roof. The three level building uses 450 Organic Response Enabled luminaires. The installation includes both integrated and remote Sensor Nodes to achieve full control throughout the building. The installation makes full use of the dramatically increased functionality of our Generation 2 system including sophisticated zoning and linking along with a number of wireless wall switches to provide ultimately flexible scenes within meeting rooms and open plan areas.

The system was optimised by Organic Response on site, but a 1 hour training session ensured the Client is able to make any changes necessary at the touch of a button using our smartphone app and dongle.


  • Wellington Shire


No of Sensor Nodes : 110

Project Size : 2,000 sqm


One of Australia’s leading property investment and funds management groups, Cromwell is in the S&P/ASX 200, has a property portfolio valued at $2.3 billion, and a thriving funds management business with $1.2 billion of assets under management. They have recently refurbished three levels (2,000 m2) of the 200 Mary St building in Brisbane, including Eagle’s Organic Response enabled Indigo combo light fittings.

The tenancy fitout is an example of the leadership Cromwell are showing in sustainable and modern office design, and is indicative of the spaces on offer to the market through their commercial property portfolio.  Stuart Deacon, Associate Director at Cromwell, made comment that, although the project was only recently completed, the initial reports from staff are that they are “very happy with the lighting and controls”.

  • Cromwell

Kingston Council, VIC

No of Sensor Nodes : 1,450

Project Size : 11,400 sqm


The Kingston Council building is located on the Nepean Highway, south east of the Melbourne CBD.   The building comprises seven floors of commercial office space, five occupied by the Council, and two by a tenant.  The total floor area is 11,400 sqm.

A major building upgrade was recently completed, which included Organic Response as part of an LED lighting upgrade by Webb Australia.  The client was particularly motivated by  the simplicity of the install and the ability to take greater control of their energy consumption.

  • Kingston Council

La Trobe University, Melbourne

No of Sensor Nodes : 446

Floor Space : 4,000 sqm


La Trobe University recently undertook a refurbishment of their administrative offices (known as the ‘Education Building’).  When approaching the design of the new lighting and lighting control system, the Consulting Engineer, Martin Butcher Lighting Design, needed to take into account the restrictions of the existing site.  Particularly, that a traditional lighting control solution would require space within existing distribution boards that were already at or near capacity.

When coupled with the University’s increasing lack of appetite for complex commissioning and their ingrained culture of supporting Australian made product, Organic Response was the obvious choice.

Organic Response is deployed across the entire floor plan and includes open plan office space, cellular offices and some teaching space. Generally, the sensor nodes are integrated into Eagle Lighting 5100 lumen, 600 X 600 LED recessed luminaires.  Stand alone Organic Response Sensor Nodes are also deployed to control a series of LED downlights.  The system is optimised to take full advantage of the substantial daylight that the facility benefits from.

  • La Trobe Logo

Washington Brown, Sydney

No of Sensor Nodes : 46

Floor Space : 300 sqm


“The upgrade took place in the 2 hours before the office opened. We couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was, and the lighting result is terrific”  – Craig Hogg, National Sales Manager, Washington Brown

Depreciation and Quantity Surveying experts Washington Brown recently selected Organic Response enabled luminaires to provide a high quality lighting environment to its employees, while delivering significant energy savings from the previously uncontrolled, T8 installation.

The lighting upgrade was completed by two qualified electricians within two hours such is the simplicity of the luminaire integrated solution. In fact, the two contractors involved were not even aware they were delivering a world leading lighting control solution until we informed them as they were completing the project.

  • Washington Brownb Thumbnail

Frankston City Council, VIC

No of Sensor Nodes : 150

Floor Space : 1,200 sqm


The City of Frankston Council recently completed a fitout of their Davey St Offices in Frankston, VIC. The project involved reconfiguring the office layout, upgrading flooring material and, of course, upgrading the lighting, but noticeably without changing the existing suspended ceiling. Organic Response was identified as the best solution to deliver maximum energy savings to the space while satisfying this criteria.

An independent analysis of the energy savings and occupancy comfort is being conducted by Exergy Consultants, the subsequent report will be published shortly.

  • Frankston Thumbnail

Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne

No of Sensor Nodes : 40

Floor Space : 200 sqm


The University has recently refurbished the graduate learning space and special collection area of the Baillieu Library, including a lighting control upgrade to Organic Response. The Organic Response application was the vision of Murchie Consulting, who saw value in delivering a lighting control system with ultimate flexibility to cope with the changing lighting requirements of the space.

Bernie Farrell, the University Library Project Officer, used the 3 minute Quick Start User Guide Video to become familiar with the system and, after a few clarifying questions, was fully capable of optimising the lights independently using the library smartphone.

“What a simple, easy to use solution to really taking control of your lighting and using it to its full potential – just brilliant”

  • Baillieu Library 340 X 331

John Curtin School of Medical Research – ANU

Project Size : 4,000 sqm

Due Date : Early 2015


The Australian National University have worked with building services consultants WSP to design an Organic Response enabled lighting solution for the John Curtin School of Medical Research Building 54 Upgrade project.

This heritage-listed building houses both offices and laboratories for the Molecular Genetics and Neuroscience Programs, placing it at the forefront of medical research. In early 2015, it can proudly claim to be at the forefront of technology also.

  • ANU JCSMR (Building 54) Thumbnail

La Trobe University PS3

Project Size : 2,380 sqm

Due Date : Feb 2015


Fresh from its recently completed lighting upgrade using Organic Response in Bendigo, La Trobe University is embarking on another upgrade project, this time at the Bundoora campus.

The PS3 project is an infrastructure response to accommodate the University’s target growth by creating new teaching spaces through adaptive re-use of existing buildings. The scope of the PS3 refurbishment is to provide 2,380m2 flat floor teaching spaces, two tiered lecture theatres and informal learning commons areas.

The project will see a combination of standard recessed LED luminaires, downlights and LED extrusion used from different manufacturers; all working together with Organic Response lighting control.

  • Latrobe 1 Thumbnail

134 William St, Sydney

No of Sensor Nodes : 41

Floor Space : 192 sqm

Metered Control Savings : 78%

Read full Case Study Report


This small business office comprises an open plan workspace and two separate meeting rooms. Two walls of the office comprise large glass windows, so the space enjoys significant natural light. The office is used five days a week and has regular occupancy of between 6-10 staff.

The installation involved replacing old 2 X 36W fluorescent fittings operated by a simple wall switch, with Organic Response enabled 32W Aurora LED panels supplied by Eagle Lighting. The entire luminaire upgrade, undertaken during working hours, took under 2 hours to complete with minimal disruption to staff. Given that the Organic Response technology is pre-installed into the luminaires, no additional controls installation time was required.

A simple 20 minute optimisation using the Organic Response smartphone app delivered a significant reduction in energy consumption compared to the old lighting, and the activation of Organic Response’s daylight dimming function increased the total control savings to 78%.

The response of staff to the new lighting has been very favourable, with several commenting on the reduced glare.

“Apart from the noticeably improved lighting quality, I was amazed at the extent of the energy savings.  The energy reduction related to lighting was close to 90%, but what was really surprising was that, as a result,  our total energy bill for the office reduced by 75%.  Which  illustrates how big a contribution lighting makes to overall energy usage.” – Jack Singleton, Chairman of Phone Names.

  • William St Install