Commercial Sites

Pydar House, Truro

No of Sensor Nodes : 300


Refurbishment of existing building into open plan modern offices for Cornwall County Council

  • pydar-house

Hayle Marina

No of Sensor Nodes : 250


Complete refurbishment of 6 floors in total to the Grade II listed council building offering:

  • Modern workspace
  • Core staff facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Public areas
  • Storage areas
  • hayle-aerial-visual-ab_1s_resize

Bristol City Council

No of Sensor Nodes : 450


Complete refurbishment of 6 floors in total to the Grade II listed council building offering:

  • Modern workspace
  • Core staff facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Public areas
  • Storage areas
  • england-bristol-city-hall-l

Essex County Council


Two storey extension to the north of the existing primary school offering:

  • 7 classrooms with associated cloakrooms
  • Group space and storage space
  • Reception and entrance area
  • Multi-purpose Hall
  • Head Teachers office
  • Pupil toilets
  • Extension to existing kitchen to accommodate the increase in pupil numbers
  • Additional car and cycle parking
  • Canopied play areas
  • Sheltered link corridor between the extension and existing school building.
  • downs-primarry-school

E.ON Offices, Cluj Roumania

No of Sensor Nodes : 195

Giant energy company E.ON has installed 195 Organic Response enabled luminaires in its office in Cluj.  The building comprises multi-level offices with a mix of open plan and closed office spaces.

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Lycee Eugene Decomble, Chaumont France

No of Sensor Nodes : 600

Project Size : 23,000 sqm

This upgrade of an existing government school involved the installation of 600 Organic Response enabled LED luminaires.  The showcase of eco-construction and sustainable development was in two phases – a renovation of an existing building, and establishment of a new building across 23,000 sqm.

25 classrooms were equipped with recessed LEDs;  150 fixtures with a luminous flux of 3 210 lm (2 x 15 W) and 100 with a flux of 7 700 lm (3 x 15 W).  To ensure the best visual comfort for the students, the luminaires are equipped with a very low luminance grid and a micro-prismatic diffuser, associated to a colour temperature of 4 000 K.

The level of illuminance of 450 lux on the tables is maintained thanks to daylight sensors, which take into account natural light contribution.

On completion of the installation, the contractor commented that “I have never seen such an easy install in my life.  I wish it was always like this”.

  • Chaumont 2

Edinburgh One, Scotland

No of Sensor Nodes : 750

Project Size : 4,500 sqm


Located in the heart of Edinburgh, Edinburgh One is the new Scottish HQ of a Blue Chip Asset Management company. A total of 750 Organic Response Enabled luminaires were installed over a total of 6 floors in an aggressive timeframe. The installing Electrical Contractor (MPact Electrical) have been very impressed by the ease of installation and intend on using Organic Response in other installations. The system was fully operational from the moment of power was applied. The building includes a combination of glass facade and atria providing a wealth of daylight deep into the office area. Since every Organic Response enabled luminaire is able to dim to take account of this daylight, maximum energy savings have been achieved whilst ensuring occupancy comfort.




  • Scotland Install

VTK, Vantaa, Finland

No of Sensor Nodes : 81

Project Size : 650 sqm


This technical centre in Vantaa, Finland is a commercial office space with open plan and closed office areas.

  • Finland Image 2

Fitness Centre, Helsinki

No fo Sensor Nodes : 85

This 24/7 fitness centre installed 85 Organic Response enabled luminaires.  Given that the gym operates at all hours of the day, Organic Response lighting control ensures that lights are off when the premises is unoccupied, but automatically comes on in response to occupancy.

A simple solution that has delivered the optimal energy saving solution for this business.

  • Fitness 24 Seven Thumbnail

Nunspeet, The Netherlands

No of Sensor Nodes : 450


Nunspeet municipality undertook a renovation of its City Council building.  The brief was to provide better quality lighting with greater energy efficiency.  Interlight provided an Organic Response Enabled lighting solution, delivering significant energy savings with improved occupancy comfort.

  • Dutch Installation

Groen van Prinsterer School, The Netherlands

No of Sensor Nodes : 126

Project Size : 3,500 sqm


The  Groen van Prinsterer school is located in the north east of the Netherlands. This building was originally designed to make use of a maximum amount of daylight in the classrooms.

In August 2014 the school was equipped as a pilot for energy efficient lighting with Organic Response Enabled lighting fittings from Interlight.  The detailed engineering of the ceiling & lighting renovation makes use of the abundance of daylight.

The goal is to create an energy efficient building as well as an appealing educational atmosphere. To achieve this, both pendant and recessed models of Organic Response Enabled LED panels are mixed to fit the daylight optimised ceiling construction in an existing renovated ceiling plan.

A full study was made using the lighting planning tool in Dialux for daylight and non daylight situations.  This fulfilled the official requirements of school lighting and supported the comprehensive CTO calculations about use of daylight.

  • basisschoolgroen1

South London

No of Sensor Nodes : 240

Floor space : 2,000sqm


This charity organisation in Southwark, South London opted for 240 Organic Response enabled Concord OfficeLyte recessed fixtures, installed over five floors.  The office space comprises open office space as well as a number of small and large meeting rooms (see video).

The unique ability of Organic Response to allow optimisation to take place as soon as each part of the building becomes available (and not having to wait for all fixtures on a DALI bus to be ready) enabled a tight timescale to be achieved, with fixtures responding to occupancy right out of the box as each part of the building was completed.  The associated reduction in installation time proved to be a significant benefit for the project as a whole.

  • Walworth Rd

Whitecroft Lighting Design Office, England

No of Sensor Nodes : 30

Floor Space : 240sqm


Whitecroft Lighting Limited’s luminaire design office now incorporates the Whitecroft Cascade Edge luminaire incorporating Organic Response Sensor Nodes.

The design office accommodates the Whitecroft Optical, Electrical, Mechanical and Industrial design engineers that work on the current and new generation of Whitecroft luminaires.

The Whitecroft Cascade Edge and Organic Response Sensor Node, when combined with the Whitecroft Command Fast Link Plug & Play solution, provides an efficient lighting package with the latest lighting control, all installed with the minimum of labour. Once installed, the programming of the Organic Response Sensor Nodes was speedily commissioned using the standard personality options on the Organic Response smartphone app.  The “Extreme Saver” personality option was selected as it satisfies the demands of a very busy design office whilst keeping the energy consumption of the luminaires to a minimum based upon occupancy.

If you would like to view the lighting and controls at Whitecroft Design Office in operation, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Davies, Controls Division Director on telephone number +44 (0) 8705 087 087 or email him at

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