Organic Response has been proven to deliver significant energy savings ranging from 56% – 78%.

Organic Response is highly energy efficient because no light is ever on when it doesn’t need to be and then only delivering the required amount of light for the task it is required to illuminate.  The ability to adjust dwell times and implement daylight dimming also contribute to the energy efficiency of the system.

Most importantly, and unlike other control systems, these energy savings are achieved without any compromise to occupancy comfort.  In fact, the system is designed to maximize energy savings whilst simultaneously improving occupancy comfort.

The energy savings mean that Organic Response offers a strong financial payback.  At the same time, its simplicity of installation and ease of use mean that the risks normally associated with sophisticated lighting controls systems are dramatically reduced.

Organic Response offers an attractive payback

  • Paybacks as low as 3 years
  • Significantly better returns compared to networked addressable systems

Energy savings delivered by Organic Response



Organic Response delivered energy savings of 78% at 134 William St, Wolloomooloo, attributable to the controls only.



At Energy Utility AGL, Organic Response delivered energy savings of ~46% compared with the networked addressable solution, the difference being entirely attributable to the controls only.