Our Technology


Plug & Play

Sensor Node integrated into each luminaire

  • With the Sensor Node integrated into the luminaire, installation on site is as simple as connecting to mains power
  • No additional site wiring, programming or commissioning
  • No specific training needed

Automatically responds to office layout changes

  • Automatically responds to office layout changes (e.g. if partitions are added or removed)
  • Provides dynamic zoning, centred around each occupant
Daylight Dimming

Ambient light detection

  • Each luminaire adjusts for the presence of ambient light in its immediate surroundings, resulting in robust, stable and effective daylight dimming
  • Increases energy savings
  • Optimal lighting for occupants
App Control

Smart phone app remote control

  • Free smartphone app allows easy adjustments in situ
  • Easy to use by occupants, with no external expertise required
  • Allows temporary adjustments, as well as “set & forget” optimisation
Task Lighting

Highly flexible task lighting capability

  • Highly flexible task lighting capability provides scope for lighting design effects
  • Each light can be individually trimmed to provide optimal lighting for the workspace it services
  • Increases energy savings
  • Automatic lumen maintenance function
Mood Setting

Pre-programmed “mood” settings to choose from

  • Pre-programmed “mood” settings are available
  • Allows different zones of a work space to be optimised using a simple smartphone app
  • Lights behave appropriately for their purpose
  • Smooth transitions from off-on and dim-bright, and optimal dwell times before turning off

Configurable scenes with AV integration

  • A range of programmable scenes can be selected for specific situations (e.g. presentations)
  • Enables interface with third party audio-visual control systems

Independent & interdependent operation of zones

  • Creation of unique zones allows for ultimate flexibility within the work space
  • Zones can operate entirely independently or can interact with each other according to defined rules
Wall Switch

Wireless “Plug & Play” interaction with Organic Response system

  • A simple wall switch option for controlling lights
  • Standard On/Off and dimming commands, together with Scene control
  • Can control one or many zones
Start Up Mode

Allows a soft start to manage generator load

  • Highly flexible with one or many lights/zones programmable for soft start
  • Reduces capital costs by removing the need for additional lighting circuits

Organic Response is the world’s simplest yet most advanced approach to lighting management

It delivers unprecedented energy savings, flexibility and occupancy comfort. With dimming ability and one motion sensor in each luminaire, Organic Response provides high-resolution lighting response without the need for centralised control.

Because each Sensor Node operates independently the system has a high level of redundancy – and that means Organic Response lights won’t switch off inappropriately leaving occupants in the dark.

Distributed Intelligence allows dynamic lighting zones. Zones are effectively centered on each occupant in the workspace regardless of where they go, as the Sensor Nodes continuously monitor and respond to occupant behaviour.

Organic Response also automatically and intuitively responds to changes in its physical environment – without the need for redesign, additional hardware, or programming. For example, if a large room is partitioned into two separate areas, each area simply begins to operate independently as Sensor Nodes only communicate with other Sensor Nodes able to receive their infrared signals.  Yet, if two rooms join to create a single larger room, all Organic Response lights immediately start communicating with each other as part of a larger network.