STA Partners

Organic Response was conceptualised with the sole purpose of developing technologies and solutions that redefine industries and simplify complex systems.

As an organisation, we understand that this goal of long term value creation can only be achieved through working with like-minded people from organisations that share the same enthusiasm and eagerness to bring change for the better. Hence, we have yearned to partner with the best.

The Organic Response Strategic Technology Alliance (STA) Partner Program was created to better serve the needs of end users. Organic Response STA Partners are hand selected based on their values, resources and capabilities dedicated to helping bring products to respective markets efficiently.

Through our STA Partners, we offer a large range of Organic Response enabled luminaires to end users. Close association, enablement and ongoing support allows us to ensure that our products are seamlessly integrated with the products of our STA partners and the end users can experience the full gamut of features and benefits from our systems.

Organic Response STA Partner Program Benefits

Organic Response STA Partners are a key piece of our ecosystem and like any partnership, we’re better together. By participating in this industry leading program, our Partners have access to the tools and resources needed to help grow their business. Here are some of the benefits they receive:

  • Access to revolutionary products that, when integrated with luminaires, position our partners as innovators and moves the conversation with customers from just cost savings to long term value creation
  • IoT compatible luminaires
  • Enable a fine-grained data collection grid solution with low installation cost
  • Learn about Organic Response products and solutions ahead of the market
  • Because we consider our Partners an extension of the Organic Response team, they have access to our Marketing, Sales & Technical tools allowing them to effectively communicate with their prospects and customers
  • We work hand-in-hand with our Partners to build the product and services their customers need so their customers stay satisfied

For more information about the Organic Response STA Partner Program, please contact us

Organic Response Lighting Control

Organic Response has pioneered innovative technologies that revolutionise the smart building environment and address the perennial issues related with it – complexity, expense and inflexibility.

Inspired by nature, the technology is underpinned by a lighting control system that works on the concept of Distributed Intelligence, which makes is simple to install and use, cost efficient, highly effective in saving energy and extraordinarily flexible, allowing zoning and scene development at the press of a button.

OR_LabelledSensorNode_ExtrusionOnly_RGB At the heart of system is the Organic Response Sensor Node, which is integrated into each luminaire during manufacture, making It a pure plug and play system for your futuristic building, with no installation or commissioning efforts.

To know more about our lighting control, please contact us or read more here.

Organic Response Portal

The Organic Response Portal is a simple yet powerful cloud-based data analytics and lighting control platform, which allows remote monitoring and control of lighting assets as well as visibility into occupancy data, enabling ongoing workplace efficiency improvements and savings.

The Portal adds value to the management of a single tenancy, a multi-storey building, or a portfolio of properties across the commercial, healthcare and education sectors.

To know more about the product, its features and applications, please contact us or visit the Portal section.