Our Technology


A school of fish moves effortlessly and in complete harmony with nature, with individual fish continuously making small decisions in response to the actions of their immediate neighbours and the environment.

Each fish is smart enough to operate independently, yet is part of an elegantly flexible system of Distributed Intelligence that solves complex problems easily without the need for centralised control.

Distributed Intelligence

The market has long been demanding simple, low cost and effective lighting control. Inspired by nature, Organic Response has delivered this with a new paradigm in lighting control that offers unprecedented performance for significantly lower cost and complexity.

Addressability is the key driver of complexity in building control systems. In the majority of cases it’s not required for controlling lights. Instead Organic Response utilises  non-addressable Distributed Intelligence, employing proximity-limited wireless communication to achieve a better result.

By applying Distributed Intelligence Organic Response technology allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on:

  • the presence of occupants sensed directly by its own occupancy sensor;
  • occupancy information it receives from neighbouring luminaires;
  • ambient light levels sensed directly by its own ambient light sensor;
  • and algorithms based on the environment in which it operates (i.e. open office, corridor, etc).

It then contributes occupancy information back to the luminaire community, so other luminaires can in turn make more informed lighting decisions.

While Organic Response luminaires make decisions individually, Distributed Intelligence means all the lights in a defined space act together seamlessly in an elegant, robust system.

The result is a highly flexible, energy efficient lighting control system that is incredibly simple and cost-effective. In addition, Organic Response requires no special training or technical aptitude to install, use, or maintain.