Organic Response Brochure

This brochure describes the Organic Response system; its unique Distributed Intelligence architecture, its method of operation and the system's key features & benefits.

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Organic Response Portal Brochure

This brochure describes the Organic Response Portal platform; how it works and its key features & benefits.

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User Guide for Optimisation

Provides detailed guidance on Optimising the Organic Response system, including how to use the Organic Response smartphone app to improve energy efficiency and occupancy comfort.

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Demo Node User Guide

This document explains how to use Organic Response Demo Nodes. A Demo Node is a fully functioning portable Organic Response enabled luminaire fitted with a dimmable LED panel and Sensor Node. As such, it is a powerful tool for demonstrating how Organic Response enabled light fittings operate, and how they share information with each other in the process of adjusting their light output in response to occupancy.

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Arup Report

Arup's detailed report of its evaluation of the Organic Response demo site in the offices of the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney.

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Using the Smartphone App with Infrared Dongle

Provides instructions on using the Organic Response smartphone app and dongle. The remote app is a simple, intuitive user interface for optimising an Organic Response lighting control system within minutes with the press of a few buttons.

Contains links to the App Store & Google Play and links to process for ordering a dongle.

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