Feilo Sylvania smart lighting will help Dutch group manage property

LEDs Magazine /// 03.10.16 /// Sujeet Sankar

Chinese-owned, London-based Feilo is installing about 1000 luminaires equipped with motion sensors and tied wirelessly into a web-based information portal provided by Australian startup Organic Response.

Behind-the-scenes companies usher in the smart lighting era

/// 28.07.16 /// admin

The LED lighting industry wants to become a vital part of the Internet of Things, but it can’t get there alone. It knows illumination, not communications. MARK HALPER features Organic Response as one of the five up-and-coming firms making it happen.

Feilo Sylvania pushes into smart lighting

LEDs Magazine /// 27.07.16 /// admin

The London-based, Chinese owned luminaire provider steps up smart-lighting-enabled location-based services with sensors from Australian startup Organic Response.

Fagerhult goes Organic with e-Sense

The Innovator /// 04.05.15 /// admin

Following months of product design, Swedish lighting giant, Fagerhult, has announced it will take to market an Organic Response enabled product line called e-Sense, which is covered in its 70th anniversary addition of The Innovator.

Organic Response is Changing Interior Lighting

Poplar Network /// 12.10.14 /// admin

Rob Freeman reviews Organic Response’s potential in a world of smart lighting and the Internet of Things…

The 20 hottest lighting companies in the world right now

Lux Review /// 15.09.14 /// admin

These are the 20 lighting companies that Lux Review is most excited about right now. Why? All sorts of reasons. Technological innovation. Stellar financial performance. Breaking down boundaries…

Melbourne-based tech start-up to light up Silicon Valley

Sydney Morning Herald /// 26.08.14 /// admin

A Melbourne-based tech start-up that is reshaping the lighting systems of commercial buildings will seek venture capital for expansion from California’s famed Silicon Valley…

Could lighting be the key to the internet of things?

Lux Review /// 22.05.14 /// admin

James Holloway of Lux Review asks whether the new wave of intelligent light fittings lays the foundation for the internet of things in the built environment…

Thoughtful lighting

Facility Perspectives /// 13.05.14 /// admin

This case study reviews the results from an Organic Response commercial office installation in Sydney. The independently audited results showed a 78% reduction in lighting energy consumption once Organic Response was installed and optimised….

Look, no wires

Lux Magazine /// 10.03.14 /// admin

Lux Magazine editor Robert Bain considers the future of wireless lighting controls, and asks whether they are about to move from being the exception to becoming the norm…

Bright idea saves energy

Financial Review /// 17.02.14 /// admin

Nick Lenaghan of the Financial Review profiles Organic Response and its current capital raising to fund significant global expansion…

Organic Response – small device, big transformation

The Switch Report /// 03.02.14 /// admin

The Switch Report editor, Alistair McCaskill reviews the transformational potential of Organic Response. Adding a twist in his conclusion, Alistair toasts a darker world, but where darkness is delivered intelligently, and only where light is not needed…

A different kettle of fish

Lighting Magazine /// 09.01.14 /// admin

In this edition of lighting magazine, editor Ben Cronin reviews Havells Sylvania’s Organic Response Enabled luminaire offering in the context of increasing industry focus on wireless lighting control systems….

Intelligent lighting inspired by a school of fish

ABC News /// 15.11.13 /// admin

Just prior to us heading over to Silicon Valley for the Cleantech competition, ABC News published this short feature on Organic Response…

Switch to a brighter way to save power

Herald Sun /// 05.11.13 /// admin

Two young Melbourne engineers are looking to switch Australian businesses onto thousands of dollars in saving on electricity bills…