Lumex Response Wins ANU Project

Electrical Connection /// 31.10.13 /// admin

Lumex Response announces its first contract for its newly launched Organic Response Enabled range of luminaires.

Havells Sylvania allies with Organic Response

mondo*arc /// 22.10.13 /// admin

Architectural lighting magazine mondo*arc covers Havells Sylvania’s decision to incorporate Organic Response technology into its luminaires.

Interlight presenteert Organic Response bij Elektrotechniek365

/// 17.10.13 /// admin

With his Organic Response Enabled Interlight range short listed for the finals of the ETOP Award, Casper Vulling of Jacs. Koopman takes time out at the recent Elektrotechniek365 Exhibition to explain Organic Response…

Control Freak: Sensors and simplicity

Lux Magazine /// 20.09.13 /// admin

Lux Magazine published this article by Sam Woodward, head of Havells Sylvania’s Controls Business Unit.  In this piece Sam argues the case for the simplicity of a “hive mind” approach to lighting control…

Organic response to high power bills

ABC Business Today /// 16.09.13 /// admin

Business Today’s Whitney Fitzsimmons talks to Organic Response co-founders Chris Duffield and Danny Bishop about their vision for the technology, and some of the challenges they have faced in bringing it to life…

Tech start-up plugs into green lighting system

Sydney Morning Herald /// 02.09.13 /// admin

A Melbourne-based tech start-up has invented a green energy ”plug and play” lighting system that has the potential to slash the cost of retrofitting and running lighting systems in commercial buildings…

Schools of fish inspire a revolution in lighting control

Retrofit Australia /// 27.08.13 /// admin

Innovations in lighting control technologies are giving rise to a new generation of control systems that are based on patterns of communication found in nature…

Nature-inspired lighting control and data system wins national Start-up iAward

Startup Smart /// 09.08.13 /// admin

Lighting control system Organic Response has taken out the national start-up title and the Victorian government’s Inspiration award at last night’s iAward ceremony…

Lighting control from a very different perspective

Light+Design /// 04.06.13 /// admin

Danny Bishop is an engineer who doesn’t believe that central control is necessary for energy-efficient lighting in large areas. Quite the contrary.  He’s of the opinion that a swarm of autonomous luminaires…

Nature inspires organic lighting control

Lighting Magazine /// 13.05.13 /// admin

A novel lighting control system based on distributed intelligence is set to revolutionise the way lighting is managed in commercial spaces. Organic Response is the first control system of its kind to be based on distributed intelligence…

Distributed intelligence – the new paradigm in lighting control

ECD Solutions /// 15.04.13 /// admin

Smart lighting control systems make a significant contribution to the effective operation of commercial buildings. As the race towards new technologies for lighting control continues, the prospect of creating smarter, more intuitive controls is seemingly…