About Us

About Us

OR Technologies is now part of the Fagerhult group of companies. In line with Fagerhult’s commitment to providing energy efficient and human-centric lighting solutions, the Company acquired Organic Response’s revolutionary lighting controls technology in 2017. Organic Response is now available only from companies which are part of the Fagerhult group.

Inspired by nature, Organic Response delivers a new paradigm of decentralised lighting control that utilises distributed intelligence to achieve unprecedented energy savings at a fraction of the installation cost of traditional systems.

Adding to this utility, vast amounts of data are collected from our array of sensors and stored in our web platform, the Organic Response Portal. The Portal enables detailed analysis of occupancy, energy efficiency and other building metrics, which are key insights for creating a smarter, more energy efficient working environment.

The innovative architecture and features of our technology reflect our commitment to Fagerhult’s lighting ethos/values:

1. Occupancy Comfort

By enabling each luminaire to respond to occupancy within the context of its environment we deliver the right amount of light exactly when needed.

2. Simplicity

With Organic Response technology integrated into light fittings before they are delivered to the building site, installation is easy. The system begins to operate immediately on connection to mains power, with no additional programming or commissioning required.

3. Energy Savings

With its highly granular levels of lighting control, Organic Response delivers maximum energy savings, reducing carbon emissions and operating costs.

4. Connectivity

The connectivity, data storage and analytics capability offered through the Organic Response Portal improved management of the full range of building management systems, delivering improved building efficiency and resource management.