About Us

Our Purpose: To turn on a light in every country in the world

What does this mean to us? This statement has been our guiding principle in product design, algorithm design and strategy since inception. It represents the force of the idea which is Organic Response. It also reflects our motivation which, rather than simply profit, is why the people at Organic Response devote themselves to the technology.

The statement has an intended enigma

Indeed, initially people often say, "Don't you want to turn OFF a light in every country?" We like that confounding moment, it means you’re listening. This is what our purpose means to us:

1. Primary Goal

Organic Response's primary goal is to serve human occupants by providing occupancy comfort. As such, our first job is to make sure the light is "ON" whenever it is required. Once we have successfully satisfied this we then aim to dim or switch lights off, to save energy.

2. Distributed Intelligence

At its core, Organic Response is the idea of using Distributed Intelligence to control arrays of electric devices that serve building occupants. We think the idea is brilliant, a light bulb moment. Our mission is to permeate this idea across the world to improve the way buildings interact with humans.

3. Simplicity

The beauty of the Organic Response solution lies in its simplicity. We aim to build a product that works in developing countries - where skills on the ground can’t support complex products. To succeed in this market, Organic Response must simply work out of the box. Complexity is confined to the R&D lab. The good thing is, customers in developed markets also enjoy the benefits of this simplicity.

4. Energy Savings

Our product saves electricity. The higher the price of electricity, the more attractive Organic Response is. Developing and isolated countries often have the highest electricity prices, often with the most carbon intensive generation processes. These markets cannot access complex lighting control. They need a product to help save energy. We’d like Organic Response to be the solution.

5. Affordablility

For a product to work in Tonga / Haiti / Africa it must be affordable. If we can produce the world’s best lighting control solution at a price which is affordable in developing countries, we think it should stack up well for the rest of the world too.

6. Decentralised Control

At its essence, the Organic Response technology is the antithesis of centralised control; rather it is a type of distributed or viral control. Indeed, the idea is so compelling it has the potential to be highly contagious. Our mission is to introduce this idea in as many different ways as possible, and allow it to then spread virally.

7. Global View

We like the idea that the largest company in the world can have the same lighting control system as companies in the poorest countries in the world. This should keep the bankers happy as well as the greenies. We’re looking forward to talking to Apple Inc. about this.