Plug & Play Installation

Organic Response is “plug & play”

Given that Organic Response technology is already integrated into the luminaires, installing Organic Response is as easy as installing light fittings, making it a true plug & play system.

The luminaires are simply installed into the ceiling and connected to mains power, whereupon they immediately begin responding to occupancy and sharing information with each other using wireless infrared communication.

No additional wiring, programming or commissioning is required, significantly reducing installation costs.

Select your Organic Response Enabled luminaire from one of our Fagerhult group companies. A full list of partners can be found here.
A wide range of Organic Response Enabled Luminaires is available
Install in the ceiling
Enjoy superior energy savings & occupancy comfort

Benefits of “plug & play”

Lower Installation Costs
Any qualified electrical contractor can install the system.  It takes less time and is far less risky than installing complex networked control systems that may require many additional hours of commissioning to get right.  Because no additional wiring or central controller is required, Organic Response is ideal for refurbishment projects, where installing new wiring presents a challenge.

Reduced office downtime/vacancy
A short and simple installation means that there is minimal disruption to working offices, and reduced vacancy time during major building refurbishments or new builds.

Reduced supply chain complexity
Dealing with one supplier for both lighting and lighting control reduces complexity through the supply chain. There are fewer tradesmen on site, only one point of contact for after sales service or tech support for both lighting and lighting control, and one comprehensive warranty.

Automatically adapts to changes in office layout
If a large room is partitioned into two separate areas, each area simply begins to operate independently as Sensor Nodes only communicate with other Sensor Nodes able to receive their infrared signals.  Yet, if two rooms join to create a single larger room, all Organic Response lights immediately start communicating with each other as part of the larger network.