Sophisticated Features


Although incredibly simple to install and easy to use, Organic Response is highly sophisticated, delivering occupancy response that is superior to other lighting control systems.  This sophisticated response to occupancy is driven by two things: the system’s distributed intelligence architecture, and a rich set of features.

Distributed Intelligence Architecture

The fact that each luminaire is controlled by its own Organic Response Sensor Node has a number of benefits:

  • The high density of sensor nodes (each incorporating a motion detector) means that occupancy is more accurately and reliably detected, with fewer false switch offs
  • The architecture delivers dynamic zoning, with each occupant effectively representing a zone, rather than zones being fixed by a defined area of office space, as is the case with other control systems
  • Each luminaire can be adjusted to suit the needs of the occupant(s) underneath it, allowing very specific lighting control (task lighting) of an area without affecting the operation of the system as a whole
  • With each light optimized, there is no energy wastage, so energy savings are superior to competing control systems

Rich Feature Set

Organic Response has a rich set of features that allow it to deliver effective lighting control for even the most sophisticated users.  These features, all of which can be configured using the remote app, include:

  • Daylight Dimming
  • Personalities
  • Dwell Times
  • Scenes
  • Zones
  • Motion detector sensitivity
  • Start up mode
  • Absence detection

Click the image below to see the full range of Organic Response features.